by Anders

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Musician and producer Andy Fredrickson made this as a Summer project then wrote about it in the third person.

Big thanks to:

Nick Fredrickson for playing drums on "Earthlight, "O.G. Werther", and " I Can Whittle Wooden Souls"

Maxwell Moore for singing on "Dream Bike" and being the fuckin' hottest dude I know by far

Trey Barr for letting me use his Vox AC15 on "Earthlight"

Brendan Mott for lending me his acoustic that I never used


released August 16, 2014

Andy Fredrickson: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Production
Nick Fredrickson: Drums



all rights reserved


Anders Topeka, Kansas

I am a 20-year-old musician from Topeka, KS. I enjoy rocking, as well as rolling. I play bass in the band Not Like Igor.

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Track Name: Dream Bike (ft. Maxwell Moore)
Your power is as cyclical as my seven speed, super charged dream bike.
And my eyes capture all of that might like a camera, turn the flash on at night.
You want me to feel it
I'm taking my time
You want me to need it
I want anything but fine

I learned the tricks before the trade.
I learned to love this kind of place
The difference is you, I see it now
With all fingers pointed, I point at myself

At this time you're just wallpaper to me. Lining sides to find where corners meet. I know you and you know me. We know the devil and that makes three. I wish I could just sit and look at tapestry.
I'm vacant on gravity's face.
I'm stuck on a wall.

Am I really backwards or just the best actor in a movie filmed for the real?
Track Name: What.
Three days ago I learned to live and breathe as an elephant lividly and preciously hurdling through strife and god did the world see fire and god did I learn through a speaker’s trajectory the spiraling of motions in vague intention

Chin up chin up chin up

Balled fists in the garden parkways
Souls turn red amidst the backdrop of growth and sprouting color

Chin up chin up chin up

If cognitive dissonance was a person no one’d be lonely

After seeing Spring time lost in the forest nightmares and the halls
Of a healthy fear left from what’s really important in the mind of a short-sighted dreamer
Oh insane, oh insane, oh insane

Two days ago I learned of a company selling material for all that which you need to satisfy and crucify ever little bother found in the head of the world’s quiet and reserved but active and impassioned learning to fight

Internal qualms still bottled and packaged manifested finally and ultimately in the form of frustration
Let it go, let it go
Care, care, care
All that matters is to care

I’ll apologize for yesterday because today I learned the meaning of light in the face of a shadowy corner scared by the small embrace of what’s now an engaging and unfailing

Fists under chins we’ll plunge

It doesn’t bother me, or irk me, or bether me at all
Balled up fists, chins down, I’ll be understanding

Stared at the freckled canvas in the hours of weaned and sheened life
Growing from dormancy we step carelessly into power’s ring, right?

Fists under chins we’ll plunge x6
Track Name: Conspiring Universe
If you’re waiting for the fall
I’ll be fighting x2
I’ll be here

I live in the sound of my own voice
“Fate has it no other way”
It’s funny how that works
Assign and brandish fault
‘Cause if it’s me out there
It could never fucking work

Fate, take over this one again

If you’re waiting for the fall
I’ll be fighting x2
I’ll be here

Time missed one word
But when you’re falling through the ground it’s hard to see
If just one word is justified

Like the sly dog
Tore through your seams
Meet a hasty end
Oh, sweet dagger
This is it
Come inside
Die for your relief


Look inside, find our setting sun
Can’t you see our setting sun
Or does the poison blind as much as the gun
If this is it
Then it’s no wonder
Let time speak

You’re only fighting the inanimate and then some
Keep nondescript – tread lightly
Witness time
I’ll turn back

If you’re waiting for the fall
I’ll be fighting x4
I’ll be here
Track Name: I Can Whittle Wooden Souls
When your faults start at the end it’s hard just to decide
Cures the ends
This is Summer – now sow!

Before – again
Never asking when you’d trade your soul for sand
So if the good die young then I’ll become again
Now fine
I’ll find the truth disguised
This Summer

Face down
And thinking about
If you’d suffer it
There’s this wandering voice
There’s a song
This song
Fights truth
But you can’t hide when you’re falling through the ground again for long again for long again for long again for long

Forge truth

Are you going down, oh clever eye?
When you’re falling through the sun
The sound of the truth

This is Summer find
Won’t you
Oh can’t you
Can’t you
Won’t you
Would you
Can’t you fight
(What you left behind)
Did it cut you
What you left behind
When it’s said and done
Would you jump