by Anders

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Musician and producer Andy Fredrickson made this as a melodramatic existential crisis then wrote about it in the third person.


released August 8, 2015

Guitar / Bass / Drums / Vocals/ Production - Andy Fredrickson

Drums on track 4 : Paul Fredrickson

Graphic Design Wizardry / Consulting : Gerardo Echeverria

Additional Drum Shredding for Double Bass Bits I Could Not Do: Nick Fredrickson (Black Spring) & Alan Leiker (Water Dragon)

Album Art: James Roper



all rights reserved


Anders Topeka, Kansas

I am a 20-year-old musician from Topeka, KS. I enjoy rocking, as well as rolling. I play bass in the band Not Like Igor.

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Track Name: Rid Yourself
I'll keep installing while you keep on falling for my art of writing "I'm okay now"

Rid yourself of all desires
That only stand in for resolve
Rid yourself of all desires
That only stand in for resolve

I'll keep standing just for vanity
Oceans, mountains for yourself
As giants sow

As giants sow inside a dream you had of flying over
You'll die inside the dream you had of one day flying over
Oh bastard
If I only knew what you'd done to deserve this
I'd let it go

We can ride this out for
We can ride this out for days

Death defies the ground
But only when your one word's

Ripping out and staring out

Ripping out and tearing out and picking out for days
It was colder than the knife that kept on calling out my name
So be weary or be gone
Or dripping with regret
Careful not to empty out the middle of the way
Ripping out and tearing out and calling out for days
You must be colder than the knife that keeps on calling out my name
So if this is really it
Pick it up
Before it's all gone

Keep up
Keep up
Keep up 'cause your only hope is now to

Give up
Give up
Give up there's no use in trying now to
Give up
Track Name: Must Find Shade
If the boat existed
I think the hull is leaking

If the boat existed
I think we've run ashore
Track Name: Water Dragon
In time, we all face the downpour

Endless and churning waves
Leave shaken. X2
Leave broken

For your sake
Winds for your sake

Lock it down
Keep it strung
Only then can you become
Are you tired
Pick it up

Dead by two songs in time ignored

Dead by two songs
In time
Dead by two songs in time to ignore

Turn around

Endless and churning waves
Leave shaken
Leave broken
I found an early grave in silence unspoken
Endless and churning waves
Leave shaken. X2
Leave broken

Your heart was built with nothing around it
No sign of home, love, care is unfounded
In place lies your two tongues with poison
I'll have to set it off
Track Name: Cycles Of
If I could see much past present day
With a little contact and outreach it still wouldn't change a thing
About the dark I see
Or pretend to as I do when I do me
With malice and harm
To the endless array of choice's illusion herein spun
And as with all good things
Motivation's spitting out about the time that it said:

You better play this right, or I swear to god I'm walking
You better gain some insight, or something's bound to break"

Just like this remedy
Of unspoken
Will to breathe again
A taste ability
For riding on
A taste ability

Stop turn around have a look then just give it a rest

Something's ringing out

If my arm extends in pain across the fire
I'm writing solely for the
Chance to ignite some way to slam an iron
First upon the
Of violent

So if here it stops, I'm grateful for an end
There's grace in learning while
Drowning in circular motives

I am incapable of being like you
I am incapable of being what you are
I am incapable of being like you
So now stop what you're saying about failure

I am incapable of being like you
I am incapable of being what you want
So stop what you're doing
Track Name: Sidestep Colors
To become
Or only see
Who wrote this paradigm?
The sky went dark
The days went dull
It's dawning
It's dawning
The sky is nearly dark
Can you keep a secret, love
It's only building to

Write this off
As if you're trying to erase it all
Ebb and flow
Just to find that your only hope is
To erase this all
That is to say that which escapes the whole
For all

The sea
It burns
I, I think I'll start the fire
Down down
In the abyss I'm finding all
The sounds left are not so worthy
So hit the ground with me
Start a fire with me
The sea it burns
I think we'll start the fire
All the sounds
Have hit the ground with me
So pick them up before they fall down
It's only
It's only one more step

How far would you take it

The air is thick but cant stop the
Let it unfold
Let it all be done I'll show you wrong

Let it unfold
With Folly's farewell I'm sorry
Let it unfold
Let it out if for only show
Show me now
What folly has wrought

I can't say sorry for the things I've done
When all these god damn worries have yet to come to be

The sky will dark with all the things I'll say
Before this is all over
I"m betting
the only

I won't look back
You're not trying
You're not done
I won't look back
Track Name: Red Sword, Terror of the Stars
It's sad for all three suns that burned up the light and
Returned the selfish lunge of denying what happens
When faced with no involvement with what makes light turn
It's only fire
Just make a spark

You defy the heat and time
You decide

It's sad for all these stars that burned up the light and
Remained in darkness' thralls of learning embodied
In place of fire are all the ways
That just for one whole moment you'll be finding a

Running up and hiding from the
If it's riding up your temple
Then defy your conscious
If it's riding up your temple
From the way pull it out and find a way
It's slowly hiding now within your own way

Track Name: This is Not Ambrosia pt. 2
There's no such thing
As purity or cleanest form
That doesn't mean
I won't live without your uniformity
And vile all involving ways
Cause to me it's less a lifestyle and more a choice that I have made
To reject such institutions that distract you with their age
An endless microcausm for the choices I want made
To create A better existence
Free of unchecked villains
Keep distracted by these words:

"You're making demons out of nothing"

I have to disagree, after all I'm fighting spirits x3

I am not holy and do not claim to know better
But you can't deny there's something wrong with the constitution of a feather
Frail, weak
And flying in the wind
Tarred just like your hopes and dreams

Moderation is a delicate thing even with its merits
I will show you the meaning of fuckin balance

I've been vigilant
I've been watching

I don't think you understand the extent of my conviction
I don't think you fucking get a single fucking thing about

I don't think you understand

I would gladly trade any semblance of community you've made
Or any inkling of fun you've had

So fuck off
I'll live the life that I make
Track Name: Look Up!
I am not much for the fallacy
Of standing at the edge
Looking down
Expecting to find
That little bit of courage
I could never express
In the confines of sweet unrelenting unrest


I am not much for the looks and the glances that were
Stolen from the eyes of some all involving presence by the name of emotion
In return
For my favorite of them all - welcome back, welcome back sweet nerves


I am not much for the galactic expedition
Setting course for your heart
Unless the map reads collision

I am not much for the pain and the fission

I am not much for the vigorous incision

I am not much for the ripening transition

I am not much
I am not much
Track Name: Black Spring
We're writing
Our way out of tragedy
So watch as I ever so fucking carefully
Lunge breathlessly and happily
Elaborately it's happening
If time could speak it damn well be impressed with all it's done
Slowly and surely and slowly I'm learning the lesson I could only teach myself
The day I remembered
Only then

Only then
Can you
Make this life something worth


It died
It died with the thunder
And absolved the good in tow

In tow
was that which you plundered
From some
semblance of hope
In tow

This time you're not getting up

The sun
Goes down
only then
All is done
It's burning
Inside you've built these walls
You're becoming
What you have grown
You're becoming
Slowly dead
Now gone

Only liars grow