by Anders

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Musician and producer Andy Fredrickson made this album then struggled to come up with a succinct blurb describing it.

Be sure to download if you want the highest fidelity - bandcamp's streaming kinda sucks lol.


released June 17, 2017

Music and Recording: Andy Fredrickson

Backup Vocals on Track #3: Avery Stratton, Faith Maddox

Album Art: Jean Giruad

Album Art Layout: Justin Turk

Big thanks to:
-My parents for their support and basement
-Trey Barr for his endless generosity in lending me his excellent amp for so long
-Maxwell Moore for lending me HIS excellent amp, and for being a receptive and critical ear to bounce ideas off
-Justin Turk for his patience in working with me on the art, and for yet another excellent amp loan
-Alan Leiker for helping me to see my ideas in new light and for his hot bod
-The other Fredricklads for making me want to be a better shredder
-And anyone who has helped or encouraged me in any way... THANK YOU




all rights reserved


Anders Topeka, Kansas

I am a 20-year-old musician from Topeka, KS. I enjoy rocking, as well as rolling. I play bass in the band Not Like Igor.

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Track Name: Reset
Feeling now that we have peeked beyond the edge
In sight of --- bow down before this
Peeling back the rites that sent us to the edge
In sight of --- bow down before this

Lightning strikes and flails on the fields to the north
In pale strikes the sound fills, receptive on the ground

Don the watery tome
Not far home
The only way to now become it

Darker times been passing down now peek beyond the edge
Casting down, we’ve seen this before
I’m begging to see the common end

Now we sink further
No word
Now we faulter


Thorn of hatred
Testifying on the way down
Thorn of indifference
In time casting all the way down

Too long and you’re stuck in this game
Dividing us
Too long and you’re on the way to fill the ground

Oh how limelight of the Earth shines off
Wrapping up cannot break earnesty’s continuum
Oooh, reflecting sun keeping up before you die
Taking pride it is now continuous
Cycling down

Feeling now that we have peeked beyond the edge
In sight of --- bow down before this
Peeling back the rites that sent us to the edge
In sight of

Now we faulter
Track Name: Shadowsong
What's the fun in falling for your
Self-solving proxy sown to write
Yourself from the subject's whole
All is sorry shame
Too short with another
Beyond the other side of the promise owed
Have the strength now to carry it out
Before you strike the fire
Picking up seen like never before
Keep trying
Keep trying
To forget time
What you sought you finally found in
Dirty - gain - plotting - more
No lifting up, no fun
Are you flying, or lifting up?
Just like authors trying - and failing
Before this all falls will you warn me of these all-impending stakes
Instead of shame
That I won't stand for
Lock and grind and mix it up for all the dirty
How far will they all fall?
Suffocate and obfuscate the truth - you liar
Don't mind how they all fall
Plant me a falling goal
Or falling stars
What you'll find is solely not a gate
Leap back
Your god is dead
The sun is burning all hope
Your god is dead
The sun has burned now it's gone
I know that some things will never be true
But this plight just keeps calling - "your world's so finite"
So here's one for those who suffer this vengeance for you
Bearing on shoulders running out
Track Name: Possible Letter
Oh, now coalesce with the sun
Battling on the eve of dissociative youth
Leveling all that we are
Known only as buyer

Lists only form

Defy what they offered
And live beyond this whole
Leaves strewn across the altar
You built remotely
Now shooting for the only star


Meet me at the end
When final leaves turn
Meet me at the end of all hope

Built in this fashion, flies from the east

Don’t forget to tell them how you said
Looks better from the air
You’ll figure out when you find yesterday’s doubt

Defined we’re utterly daft

Refusing offers of lighting galore
If you are the wind then this hate is the ocean
Stand your ground
I know you will

Making new headway, making all this go away

Track Name: Degenerate Electrons
Call of the ages to cast me down
So needlessly somber you god-damn clown

Tall fatigue is ever-closing in
Locking closed doors
Calling artificial falls, enclosing

Don’t wait for the golden hour
We all drown in tow
Don’t wait for your only way out
We all made this oath
We all drown in tow

Nothing conjures doubt to justify or stop this now
Losing time and space, you just look the other way
Now conjuring doubt you could count to twelve before
Count to twelve before this whole god-damn thing blows

And fire!

Paintings to dust with love for the art
I can’t recall what is driving me so

Don’t wait for the golden hour
We all might miss it
We all made this oath
It all weighs on the very next hour
We drown in tow
We all cast this down
Track Name: Miro (LH)
Fractured rings, three ways to leave behind
Weigh yourself, begging spree to hit the dust


Oohh, now bleeding with oblivion
Emphatically the sound fills us


Beautiful flower, sprout and take over
The sight of becomes

Inviting power - never the sound
Downfall they suffer - downfall this shall be broken

The offer we all need
We all fall near
The emphatic sprawl
Let this go, let me drown
Lift off from the ever-closing

Open this shortfall
Open contextual prowess
I’ll let this sour under the sun


Over and over

Oh, it appears the we’ve forgotten
Oh, it appears that we are lost
Track Name: New Arcana
Reign of dust clashes with dirt of the prowl
All shall learn

Yours is a fleeting truth
Wrought from the pain
Never enclosing on these tyrants of ever-climbing
Fascists and chosen that tie down this ship
Night gathers heavy as iron
The body goes

Bow before - oh, impregnable
The blood thickens

Mountains ascending surely count on your hand
I can’t keep tracking time
Time after time that you have shown undying
Obsessive penchant destructive in ends
While the drowning spar drowning the body
Goes cold

Burn the throat
Of all those who pray for your apathy
In selfish throes you’ll face reckoning
You’ll be drowning for days
See the danger inherent in stepping on fire

Answer - keel
Show time your face
And you’ll fall so low

Ever bow before
Wrath enveloping ire
We’re falling
Don’t follow it down

Hellfire for blood
Forever thy will be done
Ice in your bones

Suffocate the binds that hold forever
Goodbye to the ones who propagate the darkest fates of terror
Or suffer been sheltered by those few with power
We’ll dance by the fire contorting as the stars bear down in witness
Track Name: No Job for a Human
Try ripping out your own this time - it's only blood
Ripping off your own this time - it’s only the flesh
Die for your sole function
So glorious
Try ripping out your own this time - there's only one more battle
It's to envelope your sense with the thought in youth
Open the flood of pain
What shelter remains
If only for the night
Be free of the edge
Do not take the fall
Far from the whole
Far from the onslaught
Far from it all
We all fall
Fall from the effort
You install wrongly
Desperately now ripping out
Make a task now of ripping out
Track Name: Hogwarts, Winter
Take back
Leap higher
Look further
Look on

The eyes of the challenger who thrives on subjection

Lean back
Feel dire
Wade on

Look to acquire replenishment for weight drowned in tow

Oh gnat-filled weather
Break my hand
And burgeon from the product of the two things we’ve said
In time blowing up
You’ll find out before
The last tree falls
Sit down
Drink water
We stand

Bare on the precipice just begging for direction


Cut down the picture
That hangs from fleeggghh

Cast inside the fountain - oh cruel
Ever seeking creaky faults and halfway down
Open flames and afterglow

Justify this hate - injustice’ cause
Justify this hate - you failed to glow

Casting down richer glows of the earth
Now feeling the flare
Bastard son that can cast off the night it burns

Blue guard pull the knife out
And spring from the floor

This all became, time to dance with it
If all doesn’t burn up
Track Name: Aim for New Form
The night takes back
And preys upon the slow and awful
Guilty of the weight we all tow

Counting down the days until coarsely I rid all kind of doubt
Driving backwards to meet me at the answer

Null endeavor

Prefer delayed reaction with time to calculate afterthought

Dive headfirst or wade through, engulfed slowly
With ten thousand wasted expressions
Dive headfirst or wade through, engulfed slowly
And plagued by this piecemeal possession

Insipid downfall
Creative subversion
With time to complicate - you're stunting

(Still far, far from the end of this)
Prefer delayed reaction with time to calculate afterthought

Downward, dissolving crossfire
Cover the sold reaction
Of soulcraft, eversion

Dive headfirst or wade through, engulfed slowly
And cling to your selfish possessions
Dive headfirst or wade through, engulfed slowly
Or take this as it can become

Hold it down
Upend, betray the ground
Darkness and shame informing

Let it be known take view
Wholly framed in concert
Let it begin, begin the end
Unleash unholy set
To not diffuse this selfishly

Don the offer (?)
That binds the whole
Inflamed beyond the end of days
Counting backwards, you waste your breath
The end tells of backfire

Moving backwards, you waste of breath
To recycle all the former dead ways
There's no sense in hanging on to these
So just aim for the new form
Weightless and desperate